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      We are designing private interiors and public utility space.    

      We lend huge weight to our projects so that they are a reflection of investor’s expectations. That’s why it is so important for us to know all fancies, passions, and habits of our Customer so that we can evaluate the technical possibilities of realizing the projects in a designed interior.





      Well designed interior is based on acquaintance of a customer’s expectations toward function and aesthetics of a designed space. This information, with projections and architectural cross section or prepared by us cataloging of interior, is a base for a designed interior project.




Project process is divided into two stages



•   Conceptional project   

     Preparing of projections with a designed spatial arrangement, in few versions, with visualizations. After confirming of the final projections version, we are preparing photo-realistic visualizations which will help to undertake ultimate decision. After that we can go to the executive stage.




•    Executive process   

       It includes preparing of technical documentation for the executors on the basis of conceptional project.

       Documentation includes, among others, material and quantitative composition of a chosen furniture, armature and sanitary ceramics, floor and lighting arrangement with indication of a place where materials included in the elaboration should be bought.

       We recommend checked executive groups. We are also offering supervision of an author who coordinates works of the executors, and is taking care of the proper realization of the project.




We encourage you to see a detailed offer of private and commercial interiors designing

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